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European Individual Women Chess Championship 2018 Slovakia

Last update 19.04.2018 17:18:16, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Player overview for MDA

109IMPetrenko Svetlana2178MDA½0½½0½½½½1½5,0972012,20

Results of the last round for MDA

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
WGMIonescu Irina2247 ½ - ½ IMPetrenko Svetlana2178

Player details for MDA

IM Petrenko Svetlana 2178 MDA Rp:2220 Pts. 5,0
137IMMilliet Sophie2391FRA7,0w ½0,230,27205,40
231IMShvayger Yuliya2404ISR6,5s 00,21-0,2120-4,20
377WIMInjac Teodora2290SRB5,0s ½0,350,15203,00
432IMMkrtchian Lilit2403ARM6,5w ½0,220,28205,60
581WIMMartynkova Olena2280UKR4,5s 00,36-0,3620-7,20
6131WFMAzimova Karina2069RUS4,0w ½0,65-0,1520-3,00
7121WFMOkuyaz Duru2122TUR4,5s ½0,58-0,0820-1,60
8139WFMDwilewicz Katarzyna1967POL4,0w ½0,77-0,2720-5,40
944WGMMichna Marta2367GER4,5s ½0,250,25205,00
1085WGMParamzina Anastasya2271RUS4,5w 10,370,632012,60
1188WGMIonescu Irina2247ROU5,0s ½0,400,10202,00