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European Individual Women Chess Championship 2018 Slovakia

Last update 19.04.2018 17:18:16, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Player overview for FID

8GMStefanova Antoaneta2479FID½½11½111½½½8,051010,70

Results of the last round for FID

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMStefanova Antoaneta2479 ½ - ½ GMDzagnidze Nana2507

Player details for FID

GM Stefanova Antoaneta 2479 FID Rp:2557 Pts. 8,0
180WIMPrudnykova Olga2281UKR5,0w ½0,76-0,2610-2,60
274WGMOzturk Kubra2295TUR6,0s ½0,74-0,2410-2,40
372WGMEric Jovana2300SRB6,0w 10,730,27102,70
454GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2347SCO5,5s 10,680,32103,20
527IMNechaeva Marina2413RUS6,0w ½0,59-0,0910-0,90
635WGMHoolt Sarah2393GER5,5s 10,620,38103,80
741WIMBadelka Olga2375BLR6,5w 10,640,36103,60
825IMBulmaga Irina2414ROU6,5s 10,590,41104,10
924GMUshenina Anna2422UKR8,0w ½0,58-0,0810-0,80
1017IMAtalik Ekaterina2452TUR8,0s ½0,54-0,0410-0,40
113GMDzagnidze Nana2507GEO8,0w ½0,460,04100,40
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