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2018 D4 Tshwane North Individual Chess Championships u19 Girls

Last update 13.03.2018 18:01:10, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 4)

Starting rank

1Angel ClaireRSA1225PHSG
2Amrouni GabrielleRSA1032PHSG
3Strumpfer MarileeRSA962Waterkloof
4Janse Van Rensburg NatashaRSA612PHSG
5Mamabolo Agisanang RoseRSA547PHSG
6Effendi DerrenRSA504PHSG
7Jaichand YuvanaRSA500Willowridge
8Chloane ReitumetseRSA0JJ de Jong
9Govender ArasiRSA0Willowridge
10Mashele MbaliRSA0Willowridge
11Ralekhetho SetlhomengRSA0Willowridge
12Rangata DitebogoRSA0Willowridge