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Last update 14.03.2018 00:20:00, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Cu Hor WinstonGUA2262Iv Blitz Adag 2018
2Juarez F. Carlos AGUA2250Iv Blitz Adag 2018
3Guzman OswaldoGUA2132Iv Blitz Adag 2018
4Juarez F. RobertoGUA2089Iv Blitz Adag 2018
5Reyes N. Carlos A.GUA2089Iv Blitz Adag 2018
6De La Cruz Erick Fer.GUA2083Iv Blitz Adag 2018
7Garcia P. DouglasGUA2055Iv Blitz Adag 2018
8Juarez F. GustavoGUA1978Iv Blitz Adag 2018
9Juarez SamuelGUA1970Iv Blitz Adag 2018
10Schmid B. StuardoGUA1959Iv Blitz Adag 2018
11Monzon CalixtoGUA1951Iv Blitz Adag 2018
12Hernandez AlexGUA1920Iii Blitz Adag 2018
13Natareno ElviaGUA1908Iii Blitz Adag 2018
14Anton RicardoGUA1868Iv Blitz Adag 2018
15Figueroa G. Karen L.GUA1866Iv Blitz Adag 2018
16Sosa JorgeGUA1862Iv Blitz Adag 2018
17Piedrasanta EduardoGUA1852Blitz 3o Fenag 2018
18Polo M. Jose D.GUA1786Blitz 2o Fenag 2018
19Peralta LuisGUA1781Iv Blitz Adag 2018
20Aguilar OttoGUA1764Blitz 1o Fenag 2018
21Gramajo Juan CGUA1735Blitz 1o Fenag 2018
22Gramajo VirgilioGUA1718Blitz 1o Fenag 2018
23Rosales RonyGUA1695Blitz 4o Fenag 2017
24Mendez José PedroGUA1683Iv Blitz Adag 2018
25Garcia EddyGUA1676Blitz 1o Fenag 2018
26Zuñiga WillyGUA1667Xxiii Blitz Adag 2017
27Vela LuisGUA1617Iv Blitz Adag 2018
28Jimenez LuisGUA1580Iv Blitz Adag 2018
29Santos PaoloGUA1519Iv Blitz Adag 2018
30Arenales JoseGUA1514Blitz 3o Fenag 2018
31Zarceno EmersonGUA1468Iv Blitz Adag 2018
32Carballo VictorGUA1401Blitz 3o Fenag 2018
33Garcia Jose IgnacioGUA1401Blitz 3o Fenag 2018
34Calderon RubenGUA1400Blitz 01 San Marcos
35Cedillo SantiagoGUA1400Blitz 3o Fenag 2018
36Garcia FiorellaGUA1400Blitz 3o Fenag 2018