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Malaysian National Youth Chess Championship 2018 (G18)

Last update 21.03.2018 05:01:09, Creator/Last Upload: johor chess association

Starting rank

1Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan5706955MAS1918
2Koo Wei Wei Melanie5712173MAS1756
3Ho Chen Ee5711894MAS1690
4Dennia Daniel Vianna5719658MAS1521
5Aminuddin Nur Faqihah5704243MAS1490
6Salihin Nur Anisah5734983MAS1468
7Ismyth Fatimah Zahra5722187MAS1354
8Sia Yuan Ling5721270MAS0
9Suneth Priyadharshika5759315MAS0