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Championnat Interscolaire Greta Home U20 Open 2018

Last update 04.03.2018 00:03:53, Creator/Last Upload: ljmuller84

Starting rank

1Alexandre WachingHAI1200
2Baptiste LucitoHAI1200
3Bossou EdnyHAI1200
4Charles JephtéHAI1200
5Content RodesageHAI1200
6Fleurinord EmersonHAI1200
7Guillaume Dufay RodzinskyHAI1200
8Innocent Jeftro-CastroHAI1200
9Jean Louis Spencer LencisHAI1200
10Joseph CoonikeHAI1200
11Lovinsky LensHAI1200
12Léon EsaieHAI1200
13Rosemé FortunéHAI1200
14Seneque Clye Roodvashy JuniorHAI1200