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Championnat Individuel des Cat├ęgories Jeunes 2018 U16 Open

Last update 06.04.2018 10:21:46, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1Ben Hamouda Fedi5509718TUN15881588CO Kelibia
2Zouari Mohanned5506220TUN15251525Moknine
3Majdoub Jihed5503752TUN14681468Msaken
4Ben Alaya Hazem5513537TUN14020Cav Temim
5Zouari Youssef5513596TUN12821282Acad Sfax
6Achour Oussama5509262TUN12701270Moknine
7Ben Abbes Ayoub5513570TUN12221222ADEB
8Chikh Mohamed Youssef5504996TUN00Ksibet
9Essid Jasser5516692TUN00ADEB
10Essid Jawher5516706TUN00ADEB
11Haj Med Yacine5515033TUN00
12Hmila Alaa5509920TUN00CS Arianais
13Tayachi Abdallah5516714TUN00ADEB