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Championnat Individuel des Cat├ęgories Jeunes 2018 U8G

Last update 06.04.2018 10:14:41, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1Bahloul Israa5517354TUN00
2Baklouti Aicha5514762TUN00
3Gallah Elea5514959TUN00
4Hasnaoui Abrar5517362TUN00
5Hmida Alin5516536TUN00
6Majdoub Alea5516528TUN00
7Naguez Loujein5513812TUN00
8Rouis Aya5516544TUN00
9Sghaier Nermine5515246TUN00
10Smaali Yasmine5517370TUN00
11Zena Rawaf5515220TUN00