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Championnat deTunisie des Catégories Jeunes U20 G

Last update 06.04.2018 10:24:13, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank list of players

1WcmChihi Malak5504430TUN16121612Msaken
9Miladi Amen5503779TUN16011601Carré Royal
8Ben Said Safa5503400TUN15981598ADEB
2WcmBen Fredj Mariem5502020TUN14291429Carré royal
3Chihi Roua5504449TUN13741374Msaken
4Bel Haj Amor Arwa5507383TUN12281228ADEB
5Moalla Yosr5513880TUN12111211ADEB
6Jebara Nour5514525TUN00CSA
7Youssef Youmna5509580TUN00Msaken