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Shirak Region Chempionship

Last update 07.03.2018 13:11:47, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy of armenia

Starting rank list of players

9Tiraturyan David13304402ARM2283
5Hovhannisyan Karen13306618ARM2217
7Grigoryan Karen A.13304089ARM2145
6Avdalyan Arman13305212ARM2108
2Mkrtchyan Anahit13307533ARM1806
4Gharagozyan Seryozha13311220ARM1707
10Khachatryan Marieta13310437ARM1671
1Manukyan Hayk T.13312677ARM1619
3Davtyan Lyova13313479ARM1614
11Terteryan Narek13314688ARM1495
8Mkoyan Vahe13313495ARM1256