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Hart House Reading Week 2018 Crown

Last update 20.02.2018 02:30:22, Creator: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34),Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 23)

Starting rank

1Noritsyn Nikolay2604922CAN2482On (Richmond Hill)
2Krnan Tomas14905361CAN2444On (Burlington)
3Gerzhoy Leonid2806126CAN2430On (Toronto)
4Teodoro Iv Eduardo D.2601192CAN2387On (Toronto)
5Chen Richard2617099CAN2264On (Hamilton)
6Plotkin Victor2606674CAN2240On (Thornhill)
7Talukdar Rohan2616378CAN2219On (Windsor)
8Vettese Nicholas2620090CAN2181On (Toronto)
9Dougherty Michael2601559CAN2168On (Etobicoke)
10Song Guannan Terry2614189CAN2138On (Guelph)
11Xu Haizhou2018233CAN2126On (Toronto)
12Agbabishvili Lali2613433CAN2115On (York)
13Nasir Zehn2613239CAN2087ON
14Dukic Zachary2617188CAN2086On (Fonthill)
15Lin Tony (Juntao)2615100CAN2071On (Toronto)
16Marin Sam2622955CAN2066On (Ottawa)
17Munro Allan7700245TTO2056On (Toronto)
18Khanna Ravi5012104IND2053On (Brampton)
19Perelman Leon2609495CAN1954On (Thornhill)
20Malakhovets Sergey2622769CAN1947On (Toronto)
21Kang Dorian2619156CAN1937On (Aurora)
22Oganesyan Hayk2617129CAN1876On (Toronto)
23Lin Benjamin2619954CAN1867On (Toronto)
24Liao Joseph2626772CAN1632ON
25Michelashvili Alexandre2618117CAN1834On (North York)
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