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Hart House Reading Week 2018 U2200

Last update 20.02.2018 02:30:00, Creator: canada chess federation (licence 34),Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Rank after Round 1

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Miller RachelCAN2199ON1,0
3Javidfard AmirsalarCAN2177On (North York)1,0
5Evans BillCAN2120ON1,0
7Gaisinsky AdamCAN2094On (Windsor)1,0
9Wiebe DanielCAN2076On (Mississauga)1,0
10Issani NameerCAN2073On (Toronto)1,0
11Ning EricCAN2053On (Markham)1,0
14Calvelo JelvisCAN2024On (North York)1,0
17Jiang BrianCAN1989On (Vaughan)1,0
22Feng RichardCAN1889On (Toronto)1,0
31Friedman Andrew CharlesCAN0Us (Bloomfield Hills, Mi)1,0
124Yu JonathanCAN2149ON0,5
8Palacios BobbyCAN2088On (Scarborough)0,5
12Rusonik MaxCAN2052On (Thornhill)0,5
13Noorali AahilCAN2028On (Toronto)0,5
15Zhao Jeffrey RenfeiCAN2015On (Markham)0,5
19Papneja ArulCAN1958On (Mississauga)0,5
20Qian LantingCAN1958On (Mississauga)0,5
24Washimkar ArhantCAN1882On (North York)0,5
28Singh MalharCAN1829On (Oakville)0,5
30Moran-Venegas MarioCAN1816On (Angus)0,5
222Zhang HenryCAN2180On (Windsor)0,0
6Adriaanse AdamCAN2112On (Ottawa)0,0
16Van Rooy JakeCAN2012On (Trenton)0,0
18Li Eric MCAN1986On (Lasalle)0,0
21Mendoza Armand JessCAN1929On (Willowdale)0,0
23He EmmaCAN1883On (Toronto)0,0
25Uthayakumar RonanCAN1867On (Guelph)0,0
26Liao JosephCAN1858ON0,0
27Nakagawa SeijiCAN1849ON0,0
29Robertson KoleCAN1822On (Barrie)0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)