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2018 Dyfed Major

Last update 18.02.2018 18:13:34, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Servini MikeWLS1582
2Scott PaulWLS1566
3Philpin LesWLS1521
4Hammett ScottWLS1504
5Foss MichaelENG1462
6White SamWLS1455
7Taylor PaulWLS1406
8Thacker StephenENG1398
9Hughes PeterENG1390
10Watkins PeterWLS1367
11Eddershaw JohnENG1366
12Brewer BenWLS1364
13Osinga AwneWLS1361
14Bevan PaulWLS1336
15Jones DwainWLS1335
16Gray GeorginaWLS1304
17Jones HefinWLS1295
18O'Rourke KevinWLS1133
19Baron MargaretWLS850
20Treseder FionaWLS850
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