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KNYCC - Kiambu Regional Qualifiers U16 Girls

Last update 19.02.2018 08:47:09, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank

1Abigael MukeneKEN0Alliance Girls
2Aurelia WangariKEN0Alliance Girls
3Ednah WangariKEN0Alliance Girls
4Elizabeth KinotiKEN0Alliance Girls
5Faith GathoniKEN0Limuru Girls
6Grace WisdomKEN0State House Girls
7Blessing MumbiKEN0Alliance Girls
8Ivy SandraKEN0State House Girls
9Joyce EmilyKEN0Alliance Girls
10Judy MwangiKEN0Alliance Girls
11Lilian KingóriKEN0Alliance Girls
12Lily RobiKEN0State House Girls
13Nikita Kapkwang'KEN0Alliance Girls
14Olivia ChelangaKEN0Alliance Girls
15Rehema WotiaKEN0Alliance Girls
16Sasha ShangariKEN0State House Girls
17Sharon WereKEN0Alliance Girls
18Sheila KemuntoKEN0Alliance Girls
19Stacy NyamburaKEN0Alliance Girls
20Tumaini NyokabiKEN0State House Girls
21Yvette GisebeKEN0Alliance Girls
22Zipporah WanjikuKEN0State House Girls
23Lucy Chelang'atKEN0Damacrest School