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KNYCC - Kiambu Regional Qualifiers U16 Boys

Last update 19.02.2018 08:46:25, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank

1Mwabu Timothy10805796KEN1468Alliance Boys
2Billy RobinsonKEN0Alliance Boys
3Brian ChaloKEN0Alliance Boys
4Brian ChegeKEN0Njiiris High School
5Derrick MuhoroKEN0Kiambu High School
6Eric MutuaKEN0Alliance Boys
7Frank KanyariKEN0Njiiris High School
8Godfrey MbuguaKEN0Kiambu High School
9Ian MutugeKEN0Alliance Boys
10Jeremy AsugaKEN0Alliance Boys
11Maina Ngari LeonKEN0Kiambu High School
12Mark MwandawiroKEN0Alliance Boys
13Newton NjarambaKEN0Njiiris High School
14Patrick MuchiriKEN0Kiambu High School
15Shadrack KeangoKEN0Alliance Boys
16Vincent TirimbaKEN0Njiiris High School
17Wesley OkothKEN0Alliance Boys
18Maliki MwangiKEN0
19Brian IrunguKEN0Alliance Boys
20Andrew KiongoKEN0Alliance Boys
21Lennox KimathiKEN0Alliance Boys
22Simon MungaiKEN0