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KNYCC - Kiambu Regional Qualifiers U14 Girls

Last update 19.02.2018 08:46:06, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank

1Abigael SimiyuKEN0Alliance Girls
2Ashley MuriithiKEN0Logos Christian School
3Ashley WaitheraKEN0Logos Christian School
4Caroline GitongaKEN0Alliance Girls
5Celina Pratik Patel10813470KEN0Tritonite Stars
6Daisy KeruboKEN0State House Girls
7Esther WangariKEN0Alliance Girls
8Holiness KerandiKEN0Alliance Girls
9Joan NjeriKEN0Alliance Girls
10Lauryn WanjiruKEN0Alliance Girls
11Leslie LangeKEN0Alliance Girls
12Mercy KoimaKEN0Alliance Girls
13Mitchelle HedwigKEN0State House Girls
14Muchemi TracyKEN0Membley Titans
15Muiga Rose WakiuruKEN0Membley Titans
16Muturi ElsieKEN0Membley Titans
17Serene JoyKEN0Alliance Girls
18Sharon NkathaKEN0Alliance Girls
19Sylvan LamaonKEN0Alliance Girls
20Tracy HopeKEN0Alliance Girls
21Veronique OimaKEN0Alliance Girls
22Virginia BosiboriKEN0Alliance Girls
23Betty NyawiraKEN0Alliance Girls
24Sylvan LamaonKEN0Alliance Girls