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2018 Constantia Park Open Chess Tournament B Section

Last update 10.02.2018 17:56:15, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 4)

Starting rank

1Babuseng MoitseRSA1509
2Teeke KaraboRSA1501
3De Villiers AnriRSA1395
4Claassen Jean-DanielRSA1375
5Phefo ThapeloRSA1348
6Govender YaduvirRSA1309
7Van Niekerk NatashaRSA1306
8Mbawu SandlaRSA1293
9Govender ShevernRSA1249
10Lefyedi ThategoRSA1242
11Govender TrevadenRSA1229
12Huisamen BothaRSA1228
13Nguyen MinhRSA1214
14Van Rensburg BenRSA1214
15Odendaal RubenRSA1213
16Loubser HeinrichRSA0