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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - C Div Girls

Last update 14.03.2018 09:32:02, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Player overview for YIS

5Saravanan Durga1222YIS11011½1117,53C Div Girls
54Sanjay Vasu0YIS0001011003,066Lower Jr Div Boys

Results of the last round for YIS

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
9334Toh Lyn Li ChristabelMGS5 0 - 1 Saravanan DurgaYIS5
92954Sanjay VasuYIS3 0 - 13 Ashaan Warren Reza ChoudhuryACJ14

Player details for YIS

Saravanan Durga 1222 YIS Rp:1444 Pts. 7,5
124S Shrinidhy0CGS2,5w 1
236Wang Shi Ying0RGS4,5s 1
32Fang Kun1437NGH8,0w 0
44Yu Grace1295RGS6,0s 1
532Teo Kacey0NJC5,0w 1
61Cheong Sue Lyn1479SCS8,5w ½
737Yu Hanzhang0RGS4,5s 1
83Chin Yuen Ling Erica1330NGH5,0w 1
934Toh Lyn Li Christabel0MGS5,0s 1
Sanjay Vasu 0 YIS Rp:875 Pts. 3,0
113Aryan Jain0NPS6,0s 0
221Goel Kartik0OFS5,0w 0
317Charles Sheng Zumbrunnen0NVT4,0s 0
474Xavier Rafael Winser0FMP2,0w 1
511Armaan R Narwani0ACJ4,5s 0
637Lin Xiyang0CHP3,0w 1
79Advaith Praveen0SKP4,0s 1
88Adityan Vivek Amarnani0DCI4,0w 0
914Ashaan Warren Reza Choudhury0ACJ4,0w 0