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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - C Div Girls

Last update 14.03.2018 09:32:02, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Player overview for WGP

46Chang Hao Yu0WGP0001001103,0189Junior Div Boys
52Misha Jing Er Misra0WGP0110110116,09Senior Div Girls

Results of the last round for WGP

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
977146Parth ManhasNPS3 1 - 03 Chang Hao YuWGP46
91252Misha Jing Er MisraWGP5 1 - 05 Neo Jing Yi MischaNYP55

Player details for WGP

Chang Hao Yu 0 WGP Rp:875 Pts. 3,0
1159Ronit Bhattacharya0UWD5,0s 0
2143Ong Kang Ze Benedict0RLP4,0w 0
3161Saksham Nagpal0NPS4,0s 0
4147Phang Han Song Javier0RLP2,0w 1
5125Lin Xilong0CHP3,0s 0
6137Ngo Yong Hong0RLP2,5w 0
7178Suresh Anthony Dominic0SBW1,0s 1
8167Seah Wei Ze Luke0TKP3,0w 1
9146Parth Manhas0NPS4,0s 0
Misha Jing Er Misra 0 WGP Rp:1159 Pts. 6,0
110Lian Yuen Ching Natalie1120HPP6,0w 0
223Chew Xin Hui Gladys0RLP2,5w 1
328Chua Xin Yan Sarah0NLP5,0s 1
411Nainika Gupta1120RGP7,0w 0
527Chua Xin Hui Hannah0NLP4,5s 1
625Chong Pei Lin0NLP6,0s 1
715Loh Wern Sea Cadence1062RGP5,5w 0
826Choo Lui Ern Aabel Anastasia0FMP4,0s 1
955Neo Jing Yi Mischa0NYP5,0w 1