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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - C Div Girls

Last update 14.03.2018 09:32:02, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Player overview for GIE

229Suraj Krishna0GIE0100000001,0269Senior Div Boys

Results of the last round for GIE

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
9133144Lee Hao Yi CalebFMP1 + - -1 Suraj KrishnaGIE229

Player details for GIE

Suraj Krishna 0 GIE Rp:200 Pts. 1,0
193Chen Yanli0RLP5,0s 0
2144Lee Hao Yi Caleb0FMP2,0- 1K
3114Gue Yu Zhen Matheaus0TNS3,0w 0
4145Lee Izaac0HZP4,0s 0
5136Kong Kai-Yi Andric0MSP4,0w 0
6112Goh Shao Yu Chayce0PRP3,0- 0K
7111Goh Kai Xuan Ernest0RLP2,0- 0K
8146Lee Jovial0PRP2,0- 0K
9144Lee Hao Yi Caleb0FMP2,0- 0K