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70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 - A Div Boys

Last update 14.03.2018 09:33:55, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1IMTin JingyaoHCI2330WestHwa Chong Inst Jc
2FMSivakumar AshvinRIS2061SoutRaffles Institution
3CMLee Jun WeiACI1976SoutACS Independent
4FMLee Qing AunACI1920SoutACS Independent
5CMTan Jun HaoHCI1867WestHwa Chong Inst JC
6Goh Jinghan CameronRIS1721SoutRaffles Institution
7AGMOh Benjamin Yao TengSJT1703Intl SJI Intl
8Chan Yung Kang JeromeHCI1688WestHwa Chong Inst JC
9Kow Wen Han JonathanACI1617SoutACS Independent
10Tan Jun Qi BenjaminCJC1608SoutCatholic JC
11Ang Ee XienNUH1581WestNUS High
12Wong Chien Rong KevinACI1573SoutACS Independent
13Vignesh Soundara RajanAJC1514NortAnderson JC
14Aravind Gopinath NairTPC1320EastTampines JC
15Lew Zhi YangCJC1317SoutCatholic JC
16So Jun Hong GlennACC1229WestAngo Chinese JC
17Chen GuanzhouHCI0WestHwa Chong Inst JC
18Chen YuxuanPGS0NortPunggol Sec
19Chew Ern MitchellRIS0SoutRaffles Institution
20Choo Yi Kai ElkanTPC0EastTampines JC
21Chua MelvinNYJ0SoutNanyang JC
22Gnoh Cheng YiNUH0WestNUS High
23Gu ZehaoDMH0EastDunman High
24Hwang Yu Jie LucasNUH0WestNUS High
25Khor Eng YeowRIS0SoutRaffles Institution
26Kovanov DmitryOFS0IntlOverseas Family Sch
27Lau Jun JieNUH0WestNUS High
28Lee Jian JetYTS0NortYishun Town Sec
29Lim Jing Xiang BryanRIS0SoutRaffles Institution
30Lim Zhe XunHCI0WestHwa Chong Inst JC
31Sieu Yong JeffNUH0WestNUS High
32Tam Keng HongHCI0WestHwa Chong Inst JC
33Tan Chang Hui RonaldCJC0SoutCatholic JC
34Tye Jia Jun MarquesNUH0WestNUS High
35Woon Jun Hao BenedictEJC0NortEunoia JC
36Zhang JingzhengNUH0WestNUS High
37Zhang XinyangRIS0SoutRaffles Institution
38Zhao Tong ZhouNUH0WestNUS High