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Bellville Chess Club 2018-02 Blitz Tournament

Last update 06.02.2018 07:44:42, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 39)

Starting rank

1Meiboom Jnr Gerrit1987
2Cross Mark1840
3Levin Benny1703
4Baxter David1650
5Van Schaik Michael1545
6Gallied Stephen1527
7Holland Richard1501
8Kuhn Rucien1462
9Blaauw Gavin1436
10Muller Neyton1386
11Vermaak Eon1284
12Scholtz Lemmer1180
13Williams Dale1142
14Maritz Jean1066
15Steenkamp Wessel1046
16Snyman Johannes1042
17Cohen Dylan873
18Fittock Luke851
19Moses Eustace797
20Fittock Kaylee654
21Yang David0