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13th AICFB National A Chess Championship for Visually Challenged 2018 178593/AICFB/2018

Last update 11.02.2018 08:12:28, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Player info

NameDeeptyajeet De
Starting rank9
Rating national0
Rating international1607
Performance rating1576
FIDE rtg +/--13,8
Club/CityW B
Year of birth 1996


16Makwana Ashvin K1744INDGUJ9,5s ½
27Prachurya Kumar Pradhan1611INDODI7,0w ½
38Samant Milind1672INDMAH4,5s 0
414Kishan Gangolli1996INDKAR10,5s 0
510Swapanil Shah1678INDMAH4,5w ½
611Marimuthu K1613INDT N6,5s ½
712Krishna Udupa1711INDKAR5,5w ½
813Yudhajeet De1678INDW B5,5s 0
91Patra Subhendu Kumar1604INDODI7,5w 0
102Patil Shirish1698INDMAH5,5s 0
113Soundarya Kumar Pradhan1753INDODI9,0w ½
124Gaurav Gadodia1749INDMAH3,0s 1
135Aryan B Joshi1813INDMAH8,5w 0
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