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26th The Telegraph Schools' Chess 2018 AICF CODE :177532/WB/2018

Last update 01.02.2018 13:08:35, Creator/Last Upload: na sayak banerjee ( 25078186 )

Player info

NameSrijit Paul
Starting rank3
Rating national0
Rating international2319
Performance rating2231
FIDE rtg +/-31,6
Club/CityDps (N)
Year of birth 2001


13147Ankita Lenka0INDSt. Jones Diocesan Girls H.S. Schoo2,5s 1
2377Sayan Ghosh1166INDSt. Judes High School3,5w 1
3344Rajanya Datta1434INDNational Model School, Sodepur5,5s 1
4330Praloy Sahoo1587INDSantragachi Kedarnath Institution(H6,5w 1
5312Zia Tahsin Tajwar1819BANWord Bridge International School6,5s 1
638Subhayan Kundu2071INDDps (N)7,0w 1
711FMRajdeep Sarkar2393INDBhavan's G.K.Vidyamandir7,5w ½
825FMMohammad Fahad Rahman2298BANLittle Jewels International School7,5s 1
912FMMitrabha Guha2319INDSouth Point7,5s 1
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