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26th The Telegraph Schools' Chess 2018 AICF CODE :177532/WB/2018

Last update 01.02.2018 13:08:35, Creator/Last Upload: na sayak banerjee ( 25078186 )

Player info

NameAtri Chattopadhyay
Starting rank24
Rating national0
Rating international1658
Performance rating1573
FIDE rtg +/--6,8
Club/CityTechno India, Chinsurah
Year of birth 2004


12476Avipsu Jana1170INDNava Nalanda3,5w 1
22396Archisman Patra1102INDSacred Heart Primary School4,5s 1
32159Abdul Khan1298INDFuture Hope4,5w 1
41467Aditya Chatterjee1235INDMahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram High S6,0s 0
51769Raghuraj Pratap Singh1215INDKendriya Vidyalay Command Hospital6,0w 1
61653Mahfuzur Rahman Saif1340BANB.B.Hindu Academy, Rajshahi4,5s 1
7710Arya Bhakta1947INDSri Ramkrishna Ashram H.S.6,0w 0
81551Ankan Ghosh1385INDBarasat P.C.S Govt. High School5,0s 1
91339Ayan Pal1481INDDon Bosco Park Circus6,0w 1
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