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2018 Cape of Good Hope Open Chess Championships ELITE A SECTION

Last update 28.01.2018 16:33:07, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 82)

Starting rank

1IMKobese Watu173015955RSA2301
2FMBarrish Daniel100001446RSA2211
3PMKlein Bernand185015763RSA2012
4FMBhawoodien Shabier163002189RSA1984
5FMAgulhas Keegan100000340RSA1937
6Basson Heinrich190001526RSA1903
7Vester Jordan101066253RSA1876
8De Jager Luan100006449RSA1863
9FMGluckman Paul102010594RSA1846
10CMAdams Seth-Riley103000238RSA1827
11Mfazwe Lutho195022899RSA1803
12Lynch Justin199018842RSA1776
13Selkirk Rebecca293034027RSA1773w
14Samuels Ethan101033066RSA1769
15Solomon Aubrey162035649RSA1759
16Lawrence Gordon152017253RSA1757