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Northern Virginia Chess League Season5 - Division A

Last update 21.05.2018 01:38:57, Creator/Last Upload: capchess

Team-Pairings of all rounds

Round 1 on 2018/01/28 at 3pm
1  Ashburn Juniors  Morphy's Mojo:
2  Silver Knights Kings  Road to Mastery A0:4
3  Ashburn Fossils  Ashburn Ethereum3:1
Round 2 on 2018/02/18 at 3pm
1  Morphy's Mojo  Ashburn Ethereum3:1
2  Road to Mastery A  Ashburn Fossils0:4
3  Ashburn Juniors  Silver Knights Kings4:0
Round 3 on 2018/03/18 at 3pm
1  Silver Knights Kings  Morphy's Mojo:
2  Ashburn Fossils  Ashburn Juniors:
3  Ashburn Ethereum  Road to Mastery A1:3
Round 4 on 2018/04/29 at 3pm
1  Morphy's Mojo  Road to Mastery A:
2  Ashburn Juniors  Ashburn Ethereum:
3  Silver Knights Kings  Ashburn Fossils:
Round 5 on 2018/05/20 at 3pm
1  Ashburn Fossils  Morphy's Mojo:
2  Ashburn Ethereum  Silver Knights Kings:
3  Road to Mastery A  Ashburn Juniors1:3