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SMB Fatima Jinnah Govt Girl School In House Chess Championship 2018 - Category A under the Supervision of MSAP

Last update 19.01.2018 07:46:39, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1Maqsood BushraPAK2100
2. MalihaPAK2090
3Naz SafaPAK2080
4A KainatPAK2070
5. MuqadasPAK2060
6Ismail BismaPAK2050
7Bushra MaheenPAK2000
8F. AmimaPAK1990
9. RamshaPAK1980
10. RohinaPAK1970
11Naz IqraPAK1960
12A. MahwishPAK1950