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8th HDBank Cup International Open Chess 2018 - Masters

Last update 15.03.2018 07:54:33, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Player overview for ENG

103FMAlfred Nathan S W2208ENG100½1½0½14,5702028,40Masters
37Brown Geoffrey M1847ENG½10½1½1105,53220-1,20Challengers
83Shek Daniel1317ENG0000010012,01174036,80Challengers

Results of the last round for ENG

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9537Brown Geoffrey MENG1847 0 - 1 Molofej DenisLTU20981
96083Shek DanielENG13171 1 - 0 Phan Thi Trac VanVIE171756
943103FMAlfred Nathan S WENG2208 1 - 0 IMPham Le Thao NguyenVIE235467

Player details for ENG

Brown Geoffrey M 1847 ENG Rp:1493 Pts. 5,5
1100Mohd Rizal Muhd Haiqal0MAS2,5s ½
292Doan Thu Huyen0VIE3,5w 1
35Tiauson Recarte2058PHI7,0w 00,23-0,2320-4,60
476WCMThanh Uyen Dung1554VIE3,0s ½0,85-0,3520-7,00
587Bui Dang Loc0VIE4,5w 1
693Duong Van Son0VIE4,5s ½
7107Nguyen Quang Trung0VIE5,5w 1
815Nguyen Huu Hoang Anh2004VIE5,5s 10,290,712014,20
91Molofej Denis2098LTU6,5w 00,19-0,1920-3,80
Shek Daniel 1317 ENG Rp:897 Pts. 2,0
120WIMGokhale Anupama1964IND5,5- 0K
2116Pham Quang Dung0VIE5,0w 0
3106Nguyen Ngoc Phong Nhi0VIE2,5s 0
4104Nguyen Hoang Minh0VIE3,5w 0
5110Nguyen Thi Hong Chau0VIE3,0s 0
6113Nguyen Van Vong (XL)0VIE0,5w 1
7123Tran Son Duy0VIE2,5s 0
8102Nguyen Gia Khanh0VIE2,5s 0
956Phan Thi Trac Van1717VIE1,5w 10,080,924036,80
FM Alfred Nathan S W 2208 ENG Rp:2332 Pts. 4,5
136GMCzebe Attila2436HUN5,0w 10,210,792015,80
226GMSantiago Yago De Moura2473BRA5,0s 00,18-0,1820-3,60
344GMTu Hoang Thong2414VIE5,5w 00,24-0,2420-4,80
4130CMNguyen Quoc Hy2039VIE3,0s ½0,72-0,2220-4,40
5126WFMJishitha D2099IND3,0w 10,650,35207,00
652IMShyaamnikhil P2394IND4,5s ½0,260,24204,80
756GMCao Sang2381VIE5,0w 00,27-0,2720-5,40
848GMVogt Lothar2402GER3,5s ½0,250,25205,00
967IMPham Le Thao Nguyen2354VIE3,5w 10,300,702014,00