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Braila Galati Grupa I

Last update 13.01.2018 13:20:12, Creator/Last Upload: jugaru lucian

Starting rank

1IGalatanu Iulian-Marinica1208853ROU1986Cs Sah Club Galati
2CMStanciu Anton1206206ROU1851Cs Sah Club Galati
3IMarin Andrei1248081ROU1373Cs Sah Club Galati
4IPreda Iulian1225936ROU1812Cs Micul Print Braila
5IIZanfir Iulian1239805ROU1670Cs Micul Print Braila
6IAndres Marina-Corina1257145ROU1344Cs Sah Club Galati
7IIIfrim Mihai1261606ROU1524Cs Micul Print Braila
8IIBarbu Simon-Alexandru1257170ROU1373Cs Sah Club Galati
9IIVulpe Raisa-Georgiana1246380ROU1388Acs Genius Galati
10IIOncescu Vlad-Norin1260480ROU1375Cs Micul Print Braila
11IIBlanaru Ciprian-Georgian1200950ROU1487Cs Micul Print Braila
12CMAnghel Florin-Ioan1284770ROU0Cs Micul Print Braila