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2018 Kenilworth Open Under 18 Minor

Last update 14.01.2018 17:05:46, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Gibara Astrid87Ke Five Ways
2Shah Saksham74Ke Camp Hill
3McHugh Sean66Solihull
4Jose Rohit M59Kes
5Ansell David55KE Stratford
6Close Henry48Solihull
7Khan Amal45Ke Handsworth
8Carroll Finley42Blue Coat Academy
9Vas Kieran39Qmgs Walsall
10Berger Lucas0Repton
11Mittal Geet0Kes
12Preston-Bridges Jacob0Campion
13Sansoy Gagandeep0Stoke Park