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2018 Kenilworth Open Under 11

Last update 14.01.2018 17:19:46, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Chen Daniel Xingyu122Holywell
2Wong Tristan99Blue Coat
3Kolli Eshwar R95King Henry Viii
4Suthi Eshan95Hallfield
5Richards Alexander92Laxton
6Shah Ozair89Hallfield
7Howett Alex88St. Mary's
8Kukreja Karan86West House
9Howett Ralphie82St. Mary's
10Monga Kanav82Hallfield
11Mishra Ojas77Hallfield
12Xia Weiquan76Coventry Chess Academy
13Vas Ethan71Hallfield
14Belli Alessandra61Hallfield
15Miller Kiyan59Hallfield
16Pal Rohan59Hallfield
17Cooper Oliver56Solihull
18Abraham Leo49Pearl Hyde
19Bader Danyaal0Hallfield
20Desai Ved0St. George's
21Oakes Bernard0Wolverhampton Grammar
22Sinha Aarav0Fairfield