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Cusco - Ajedrez Tawantinsuyo "Torneo Sub 16 absoluto" rumbo a Sicuani 2018

Last update 13.01.2018 22:40:56, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrez tawantinsuyo

Starting rank

1Blanco Nahomi3814220PER1492
2Velasquez Chaco Sebastian Franc3843343PER1354
3Alvarez Mejia Yeremy Melvin3845591PER0
4Ccopa MarthaPER0
5Del Carpio Montesinos JoaquinPER0
6Gallegos ManuelPER0
7Gordillo Cruz Diego FabrizioPER0
8Marconi Aracayo Rousbel Socrates3840565PER0
9Tito Gudiel Sumac Chaska3845672PER0