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Cusco - Ajedrez Tawantinsuyo "Torneo Sub 10 absoluto" rumbo a Sicuani 2018

Last update 13.01.2018 22:57:10, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrez tawantinsuyo

Starting rank

1Cardenas Lima Vincent Matias3831000PER1441
2Cjuno Rosello Leonel Alonso3835529PER1290
3Pilares Chavez Renato Rodrigo3843394PER1255
4Alonso DiegoPER0
5Apaza Gallegos MikkaelaPER0
6Gallegos Uscamayta Wilson3848787PER0
7Guzman GabrielPER0
8Huamani Gonzales Raissa del CarmenPER0
9Quispe Mercado MaximoPER0
10Quispe XimenaPER0
11Ramirez DayraPER0
12Velasquez Chaco Dayana Sharmely3843092PER0
13Villafuerte Mamani Raid Kamil3848140PER0
14Palomino Peralta Jose EstephanoPER0