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XIV. Art Pub Cup Fide Open (2018. március 15-18.)

Last update 18.03.2018 18:31:25, Creator/Last Upload: komarom-esztergom country chess fed.

Player overview for AUT

87Kellner Nikolaus1668AUT01001103,082203,60OPEN

Results of the last round for AUT

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
72787Kellner Nikolaus16683 0 - 13 Gyorffy Peter Pal198139

Player details for AUT

Kellner Nikolaus 1668 AUT Rp:1698 Pts. 3,0
127Divald Tamas2049HUN4,0w 00,09-0,0920-1,80
2117Onodi Tamas1316HUN2,0s 10,890,11202,20
355Bartuszek Andras1821HUN4,0w 00,30-0,3020-6,00
460Farkas Otto Jr.1798HUN2,5s 00,32-0,3220-6,40
5105Palczert Hajnalka1480HUN1,0w 10,740,26205,20
664Baski Barnabas1789HUN2,5s 10,340,662013,20
739Gyorffy Peter Pal1981HUN4,0w 00,14-0,1420-2,80