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XIV. Art Pub Cup Fide Open (2018. március 15-18.)

Last update 18.03.2018 18:31:25, Creator/Last Upload: komarom-esztergom country chess fed.

Player overview for ARM

15Khechumyan Gagik2161ARM111101½5,552026,20OPEN
23Khechumyan Gagik2161ARM1011110005,0212022,40SNELL

Results of the last round for ARM

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
726Bodi Tibor2231 ½ - ½5 Khechumyan Gagik216115
985IMLizak Peter24485 1 - 05 Khechumyan Gagik216123

Player details for ARM

Khechumyan Gagik 2161 ARM Rp:2269 Pts. 5,5
175Dal Bianco Nicola1740ITA2,5s 10,920,08201,60
250Lakatos Tamas1866HUN3,5w 10,850,15203,00
388Olah Laszlo Istvan1644HUN3,5s 10,920,08201,60
410Kassay Krisztian2207HUN5,0w 10,440,562011,20
52IMNesteretz Anatoliy2367UKR5,5s 00,24-0,2420-4,80
68Kiss Lajos2217HUN4,5w 10,420,582011,60
76Bodi Tibor2231HUN6,0s ½0,400,10202,00
Khechumyan Gagik 2161 ARM Rp:2191 Pts. 5,0
160Gergely Daniel1198HUN4,0w 10,920,08201,60
26IMKozak Adam2436HUN6,5s 00,17-0,1720-3,40
346Davaademberel Purevdorj1777MGL5,0w 10,910,09201,80
436Czibulka Zoltan Dr.1981HUN3,5s 10,740,26205,20
513FMSzabo Marton Mihaly2292HUN6,0w 10,320,682013,60
616IMKiss Pal2275HUN6,5s 10,340,662013,20
71GMBalog Imre2558HUN8,0s 00,08-0,0820-1,60
87IMTo Nhat Minh2364HUN6,0w 00,24-0,2420-4,80
95IMLizak Peter2448HUN6,0s 00,16-0,1620-3,20