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South African Junior Chess Championships 2017 for players with disabilities U18 A Section

Last update 11.01.2018 12:50:32, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 48)

Starting rank

1Molata MorenaRSA733
2Brink DivanRSA0
3Dube IsaacRSA0
4Masanabo PhillipRSA0
5Mcneil TristanRSA0
6Mokwena TinyikoRSA0
7Morgan AaronRSA0
8Moropane MojalefaRSA0
9Ramala LeslieRSA0
10Sibanyoni LeroyRSA0
11Smal KendrickRSA0
12Tshibatakala MbayRSA0
13Tsimane NapthaliRSA0