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Skákþing Reykjavíkur 2018

Last update 21.04.2018 17:58:46, Creator/Last Upload: Icelandic Chess Federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1Bergsson Stefan2093ISL 32w1 56b1 11w1 5b1 10w1 6b1 4w1 2b0 8w18047402359
2IMThorfinnsson Bragi2426ISL 28w1 16b½ 27w½ 26b1 6w1 1w1 5b17044362317
3IMJensson Einar Hjalti2336ISL 52w1 7b½ 13w½ 26w1 5b0 15b1 19w1 10b½ 11w16,5043,537,52216
4FMBjornsson Sigurbjorn2288ISL 21b½ 55w1 26b0 36w1 27b1 14w1 1b0 16w1 12b16,5042342000
5CMHeimisson Hilmir Freyr2136ISL 36b1 25w1 18b1 1w0 3w1 10b½ 7b½ 9w1 2w06049,541,52187
6Loftsson Hrafn2163ISL 37b1 26w½ 20b1 12w1 8b½ 1w0 2b0 18w1 17b16046,538,52152
7Halldorsson Bragi2082ISL 31w1 3w½ 21b1 15b½ 11w½ 23b1 5w½ 8b0 10w1604538,52139
8FMRagnarsson Dagur2332ISL 28b0 40w1 38b1 16w1 6w½ 9b½ 43b1 7w1 1b06043352085
9WGMPtacnikova Lenka2218ISL 30w1 16b½ 44w1 10b0 17w1 8w½ 13b1 5b0 19w16042362116
10Birkisson Bjorn Holm2084ISL 40b1 33w1 14b1 9w1 1b0 5w½ 12b½ 3w½ 7b05,5048402129
11Olafsson Thorvardur2178ISL 38b1 17w1 1b0 18w1 7b½ 29w1 12w½ 3b05,5045,537,52136
12Fridjonsson Julius2137ISL 39w1 22b1 15w½ 6b0 33w1 29b1 10w½ 11b½ 4w05,504336,52091
13Valdimarsson Einar2023ISL 45w1 3b½ 33w½ 22b1 9w0 24b½ 23w15,5042,5361984
14Viglundsson Bjorgvin2167ISL 41w1 23b1 10w0 17b½ 15w1 4b0 20w0 22b1 27b15,5042,5362036
15Mai Aron Thor2066ISL 48b1 43w1 12b½ 7w½ 14b0 3w0 26b½ 44w1 28b15,5039,5332027
16Kristinsson Ogmundur2005ISL 47b1 9w½ 2w½ 8b0 38w1 35b1 4b0 24w½5043361898
17Mai Alexander Oliver1970ISL 54w1 11b0 32w1 14w½ 9b0 22b½ 38w1 21b1 6w05041,535,51871
18Sigurdsson Birkir Karl1934ISL 42b1 19w1 5w0 11b0 41w1 27b½ 21w½ 6b0 38w15040,534,51886
19Ingvason Johann2161ISL 34w1 18b0 24w½ 52b½ 45b1 25w1 3b0 26w1 9b05040,5341894
20Davidsson Oskar Vikingur1854ISL 35b1 6w0 44b½ 40w1 14b1 -0 26w½5040341830
21Ulfljotsson Jon1687ISL 4w½ 53b1 7w0 36b1 43w½ 18b½ 17w0 35b15039,5331802
22Bjarnason Olafur1818ISL 50b1 12w0 37b1 13w0 17w½ 34b1 14w0 39b1503933,51781
23Baldursson Haraldur1942ISL 46b1 14w0 28b1 43w0 30b1 7w0 37b1 29w1 13b05037311915
24Haraldsson Oskar1733ISL 43b0 47w1 19b½ 45w0 35b½ 36w1 31b1 13w½ 16b½5036,5311694
25Briem Stephan1890ISL 49w1 5b0 35w1 29b0 44w1 19b0 -0 36w1 37b15035,529,51735
26Bjornsson Eirikur K.1934ISL 57w1 6b½ 4w1 3b0 2w0 52b1 15w½ 19b0 20b½4,5045382017
27Ragnarsson Johann1991ISL 34w1 2b½ 4w0 18w½ 30b½ 32b1 14w04,5041,534,51928
28Fridthjofsdottir Sigurl. Regina1734ISL 8w1 2b0 23w0 40b0 46w1 39b+ 45b½ 43w+ 15w04,5039321700
29Jonsson Gauti Pall2161ISL 44b0 31w+ 41w1 25w1 43b1 12w0 11b0 23b0 30w½4,503832,51863
30Jonsson Sveinbjorn1667ISL 9b0 54w1 43b0 48w+ 23w0 40b1 27w½ 35w½ 29b½4,5036301730
31Alexandersson Orn1366ISL 7b0 29b- 57w1 39w½ 41b1 24w0 34b½ 43w+4,5036301587
32Briem Benedikt1464ISL 1b0 50w1 17b0 52w0 48b1 33w1 27w0 44b14,5036281689
33Eliasson Kristjan Orn1846ISL 51w1 10b0 56w1 13b½ 12b0 35w0 32b0 54b1 45w14,5035,5301459
34Jonasson Hordur1547ISL 19b0 42w1 27b0 35w0 54b+ 53b1 22w0 31w½ 46b14,5033281400
35Hauksson Björgvin Jónas0ISL 20w0 39w1 25b0 34b1 24w½ 33b1 16w0 30b½ 21w0403933,51704
36Sigurvaldason Hjalmar1491ISL 5w0 51b1 52w1 4b0 21w0 24b0 42w1 25b0 47w14037,5311603
37Gudmundsson Thordur1565ISL 6w0 49b1 22w0 56b1 23w0 48b1 25w04037311545
38Briem Hedinn1613ISL 11w0 57b1 8w0 54b+ 16b0 47w1 17b0 40w1 18b04036,530,51681
39Davidsson Joshua1496ISL 12b0 35b0 46w½ 42w1 31b½ 28w- 49w1 47b1 22w04033,5281353
40Magnusson Thorsteinn1425ISL 10w0 8b0 55b1 28w1 20b0 30w0 51w1 38b0 49w14033,527,51551
41Heidarsson Arnar1592ISL 14b0 46w1 29b0 47w1 18b0 31w0 -0 55b1 48w1403226,51536
42Omarsson Adam1068ISL 18w0 34b0 39b0 46w1 36b0 50w1 51b14029,524,51323
43FMStefansson Vignir Vatnar2304ISL 24w1 15b0 30w1 23b1 29w0 21b½ 8w0 28b- 31b-3,5040341941
44Bjarnason Larus H1539ISL 29w1 9b0 20w½ 25b0 52w1 15b0 32w03,5040341818
45Davidsson Stefan Orri1280ISL 13b0 53w1 24b1 19w0 28w½ -0 33b03,503731,51693
46Thorisson Benedikt1143ISL 23w0 41b0 39b½ 55w1 28b0 42b0 -1 52w1 34w03,5031261380
47Gunnlaugsson Arnor1229ISL 16w0 24b0 51w1 41b0 56w1 38b0 53w+ 39w0 36b03032271298
48Oskarsson Anton Breki1289ISL 15w0 52b0 49w1 30b- 51b1 32w0 50b1 37w0 41b03031,5261355
49Kristbergsson Bjorgvin1064ISL 25b0 37w0 48b0 57w1 39b0 53w1 40b03030,5251233
50Ragnarsson Rikhard Skorri0ISL 22w0 32b0 54b0 51w0 -1 55b1 48w0 42b0 56w13028231030
51Johannesson Petur0ISL 33b0 36w0 47b0 50b1 48w0 56w1 40b0 -1 42w03027,5231101
52Einarsson Oskar Long1785ISL 3b0 48w1 36b0 19w½ 32b1 26w0 44b0 46b0 54w-2,503528,51529
53Thoroddsen Tristan Theodor0ISL 21w0 45b0 57b+ 34w0 47b- 49b0 55w½2,5031,526,5950
54Gunnarsson Kjartan Karl1145ISL 17b0 30b0 50w1 38w- 34w- 56b1 33w0 52b-2,5031261425
55Thoroddsen Anna Katarina0ISL 4b0 40w0 46b0 50w0 57b1 41w0 53b½2,5030,5241130
56Thorisson Bjartur0ISL -1 1w0 33b0 37w0 47b0 51b0 54w0 57b+ 50b0203224611
57Johannsson Bjarki Kroyer1073ISL 26b0 38w0 31b0 53w- 49b0 -1 55w0 56w- -0102621,5595

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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