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Gaudiblitz-Turnier 1

Last update 03.01.2018 23:07:06, Creator/Last Upload: bvo

Starting rank list of players

1Pfadenhauer Johannes24615269GER2154
2Wolf Pablo12943894GER1890
3GMGorniak Janusz4695577GER1732
4Sesselmann Moritz16216520GER1678
5Ködel ChristianGER1615
6Petzold Annika16241673GER1409
7Sesselmann Christoph16241452GER1403
8Reifschneider Melissa-1245
9Landmann Bastian-1242
10Wolf Vincent16207491GER1190
11Stark Patrick-958
12Rieber Lars-839
13Deichsel Markus-0