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Turniri ətraflı göstər

Classique hivernale de Montréal 2018 - Section U1200

Son yükləmə08.01.2018 19:15:20, Yaradan/Son yükləmə: canada chess federation (licence 35)

Başlanğıc sıralama

1LIM Nicolas105826FQE1112
2FERNANDEZ-BUSTO Edouard105464FQE1104
3LI Annie106818FQE1048w
5RAMAMONJISOA Nikita107109FQE953
6DU David106819FQE891
7COCORADA Alexander106586FQE822
8HE Jiaqi107377FQE0w
9JIANG Barron Jiyu107451FQE0
10Min Tim0FQE0
11PARENT Hugues107441FQE0
12ROY Antoine107422FQE0
13Wang Lucy0FQE0