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Helsingin Mestaruus 2018, A-ryhmä

Last update 05.01.2018 13:56:46, Creator: finish chess federation (licence 35),Last Upload: jouni lehtivaara

Starting rank list of players

1Patosalmi Juha514764FIN1958EtVaS
3Koskinen Veikko503380FIN1952KS-58
7Mannberg Henry507423FIN1949Remi
2Khanov Pavel510505FIN1934HSK
8Karttinen Risto504076FIN1922TammerSh
6Tocklin Tomi503622FIN1858SalSK
5Juselius Harry508128FIN1838G
4Norlamo Sarabella4505344FIN1765MatSK