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4. Kadetski festival SS Srbije - ubrzano Z10

Last update 03.04.2010 19:12:49, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank

1IIOstojic KatarinaSRB1180Novi Beograd
2IIStanimirovic Ivana947156SRB1180Smederevo
3IIIJakovljevic MasaSRB1170Beograd
4IIIRistoski TeodoraSRB1170Beograd
5IIIStolic IrenaSRB1170Beograd
6IIIVuckovic JovanaSRB1170Beograd
7IIIVukasinovic AnaSRB1170Beograd
8IVIlic MonikaSRB1160Beograd
9IVVasiljevic EmilijaSRB1160Grocka
10IVVojvodic NikaSRB1160Beograd
11Galovic AndjelinaSRB1150Ripanj
12Injac Teodora932400SRB1150Beograd
13Mitrovic IsidoraSRB1150Sokobanja
14Mladenovic MasaSRB1150Beograd
15Stanojevic AndjelaSRB1150Zaklopaca
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