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Cupa Dulce 2017 (open sub 7 ani)

Last update 30.12.2017 10:03:23, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of moldova

Starting rank

1IIIBerestean VlaicuMDA600Chisinau
2IIICernei BogdanMDA600Chisinau
3IIIChiosa ElenaMDA600Chisinau
4IIIConovca AlexandruMDA600Chisinau
5IIIRepcinschi MaximMDA600Donduseni
6IVAlbu VladMDA400Chisinau
7IVAltun StefanMDA400Comrat
8IVBaltaga AlexandruMDA400Chisinau
9IVBaschin BorisMDA400Chisinau
10IVBuzdugan VictorMDA400Chisinau
11IVChirosca DumitruMDA400Chisinau
12IVCovalciuc MatveiMDA400Ribnita
13IVDonica MihailMDA400Chisinau
14IVHovanschi LevMDA400Chisinau
15IVLupascu DavidMDA400Chisinau
16IVPopa VladMDA400Chisinau
17IVPruteanu NicolaeMDA400Chisinau
18IVRusol MihailMDA400Chisinau
19IVSirghi AlexandruMDA400Chisinau
20IVTargon IaroslavMDA400Chisinau
21IVTarus FilipaMDA400Chisinau
22IVToderascu AlexandruMDA400Chisinau
23IVTurcan RobertMDA400Chisinau