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Tie-break: Anand - Fedoseev 1,5 : 0,5

King Salman World Rapid Championship 2017 Open

Last update 29.12.2017 07:44:49, Creator: tkarali,Last Upload: irma und werner stubenvoll

Player overview for UZB

48GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2679UZB101½01½½0½1½1018,53727212018,80Open

Results of the last round for UZB

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
152566GMSalem A.R. Saleh2656 0 - 1 GMKasimdzhanov Rustam267948

Player details for UZB

GM Kasimdzhanov Rustam 2679 UZB Rp:2721 Pts. 8,5
1115IMMinko Vladimir2267RUS6,5s 1201,60
25GMGrischuk Alexander2813RUS10,0w 020-6,40
393GMDervishi Erald2582ALB6,0s 1207,40
44GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2814AZE9,0w ½203,60
51GMCarlsen Magnus2908NOR10,0s 020-4,20
691GMSethuraman S.P.2599IND6,5w 1207,80
714GMYu Yangyi2752CHN9,5w ½202,00
83GMAronian Levon2819ARM9,0s ½203,80
915GMLe Quang Liem2750VIE9,0s 020-8,00
1095GMGrigoriants Sergey2572RUS9,5w ½20-3,00
1183GMJumabayev Rinat2616KAZ7,5s 1208,20
1279GMAkobian Varuzhan2620USA9,0w ½20-1,60
1375GMAlmasi Zoltan2638HUN8,0s 1208,80
1469GMPantsulaia Levan2654GEO9,0w 020-10,60
1566GMSalem A.R. Saleh2656UAE7,5s 1209,40