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Last update 24.12.2017 14:34:10, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Ramdedovic Almir16504879MNE1823
2Sabotic Denis16503180MNE1710
3Sabotic Mirsad16504887MNE1455
4Adrović EskoMNE0
5Adrović SeadMNE0
6Agović HalilMNE0
7Halilivić MuzaferMNE0
8Kočan FeridMNE0
9Muratović EsadMNE0
10Palamar FeridMNE0
11Ramčilovic MirnesMNE0
12Ramčilović SmajoMNE0
13Rastoder ElsanMNE0
14Šabotić AdinMNE0