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Stockholms Schacksallskap HCP blitz 180313

Last update 13.03.2018 21:39:33, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank

1FMSeo Jung Min1734687SWE2171
2Douhan David1711512SWE2029
3Johansson Nicklas1735527SWE1980
4Evertsson Rune1704184SWE1942
5CMHelin Mikael1703838SWE1915
6Karlsson Leif1727532SWE1848
7Mayrany Fargalla1728954SWE1766
8Gundersen Ingvar1709585SWE1758
9Dias Pablo1751506SWE1751
10Glimmerfors Tobias1756109SWE1666
11Dillen Sten1708210SWE1564
12Hallner SimonSWE1500
13Shkolnikau FiodorSWE1500
14Lescop Baptiste1755099SWE1467
15Franzen Anders1743023SWE1441
16Strid Erik1745492SWE1428
17Ohnedal Anders1717073SWE1392
18Keinonen Juha1722239SWE1356