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Budapest Spring Festival 2018 C U1800

Last update 26.04.2018 14:40:54, Creator: hungarian chess-federation (master),Last Upload: tamas gyomber

Player overview for NED

11Hagen Tejo1696NED11½½½0½½½5,026145420-47,80U1800
16Roes Frans1674NED01½½½½0115,029142340-105,20U1800

Results of the last round for NED

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
91129Palinkas ErvinHUN1525 ½ - ½ Hagen TejoNED169611
91660Onodi TamasHUN13274 0 - 14 Roes FransNED167416

Player details for NED

Hagen Tejo 1696 NED Rp:1454 Pts. 5,0
151Baranyai Antal1378HUN4,0s 10,870,13202,60
239Farkas Imre1471HUN3,5w 10,780,22204,40
325Magyar Erik Ferenc1536HUN4,5s ½0,71-0,2120-4,20
471Csernyik Mark1196HUN4,5w ½0,92-0,4220-8,40
548Kiraly Lilla Virag1408HUN4,5s ½0,84-0,3420-6,80
636Szalontai Gyorgy1488HUN5,0w 00,77-0,7720-15,40
760Onodi Tamas1327HUN4,0s ½0,90-0,4020-8,00
853Nguyen Thai Dang Vi1368CZE4,5w ½0,87-0,3720-7,40
929Palinkas Ervin1525HUN5,0s ½0,73-0,2320-4,60
Roes Frans 1674 NED Rp:1423 Pts. 5,0
155Bodo Norbert1343HUN5,0s 00,88-0,8840-35,20
259Bella Zsolt1329HUN2,0w 10,890,11404,40
351Baranyai Antal1378HUN4,0s ½0,85-0,3540-14,00
453Nguyen Thai Dang Vi1368CZE4,5w ½0,86-0,3640-14,40
544Foldes Marton Gabor1438HUN5,5s ½0,80-0,3040-12,00
652Mathe Gergely1370HUN4,0w ½0,86-0,3640-14,40
745Moricz Karmen1436HUN4,5s 00,80-0,8040-32,00
846Moricz Nadja1434HUN3,5w 10,800,20408,00
960Onodi Tamas1327HUN4,0s 10,890,11404,40