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Budapest Spring Festival 2018 C U1800

Last update 26.04.2018 14:40:54, Creator: hungarian chess-federation (master),Last Upload: tamas gyomber

Player overview for FID

76AFMSukhorukov Mykola0FID0111011016,010169500,00U1800

Results of the last round for FID

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9776AFMSukhorukov MykolaFID05 1 - 05 Zsatkovics EndreHUN17623

Player details for FID

AFM Sukhorukov Mykola 0 FID Rp:1695 Pts. 6,0
137Szabo Marton Nandor1482HUN4,5s 0
2-bye- --- 1
338Piskoti Laszlo1478HUN4,0w 1
426Gecse Lajos1533HUN3,5s 1
517Csermely Zoltan1623HUN5,0w 0
634Javorek Janka1493HUN4,0s 1
78Hegedus Peter Dr.1722HUN5,5w 1
89Dal Bianco Nicola1703ITA6,5s 0
93Zsatkovics Endre1762HUN5,0w 1