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Championnat junior féminin du Québec 2018 Qualifier for the Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational

Last update 12.02.2018 00:51:15, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 35)

Starting rank list

1Li Yi Lin1568588610410CAN1949wQC (Montreal)
2WANG Isabelle1568512624850CAN1642wQC (Montreal)
3TSYPIN Allison1561552620260CAN1507wQC (Pointe-Claire)
4HE Jiaqi0CAN1348wQC (Montreal)
5WANG Rachel Zihan1634082628325CAN1339wQC (Longueil)
6JAIN Ankita1634092628309CAN1249wQC (Westmount)
7DENG Joyce159667CAN1037wQC (Gatineau)
8LI Annie0CAN1037wQC (Montreal)
9MELLON-RUEL Clarelie166193CAN1019wQc (Levis)
10WANG Lucy166167CAN937wQC (Montreal)
11BAYDER Maria166195CAN0wQC (Pointe-Claire)
12GEILLON-BARRAL Roween166200CAN0wQC (Montreal)