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XI Memorial Pedro Lezcano Montalvo 2018

Last update 31.03.2018 15:22:35, Creator/Last Upload: spanish federation (arbiter comitee)

Player overview for COL

12GMArenas David24490COL11011½1106,592274103,00Open
14IMRios Cristhian Camilo24262422COL111½½01117,0524921016,30Open

Results of the last round for COL

Rd.Bo.No.NameTypGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrRtgNo.
919IMKlekowski Maciej24897 1 - 0 GMArenas David244912
968IMGascon Del Nogal Jose Rafael2496 0 - 16 IMRios Cristhian Camilo242614

Player details for COL

GM Arenas David 2449 COL Rp:2274 Pts. 6,5
162Hernandez Guerra Luna Yue16711685ESP5,0s 10,920,08100,80
239Ramirez Maillo Cristian19131919ESP5,0w 10,920,08100,80
31GMMovsziszian Karen25412549ARM6,0s 00,37-0,3710-3,70
4102Parsons Alan00ESP4,5w 1
519WIMVega Gutierrez Belinda22142214ESP6,0s 10,790,21102,10
63GMStrikovic Aleksa25072532SRB6,0w ½0,420,08100,80
737Amador Garcia Ismael19341950ESP5,5s 10,920,08100,80
85GMPetkov Vladimir25062522FID6,5w 10,420,58105,80
99IMKlekowski Maciej24890POL8,0s 00,44-0,4410-4,40
IM Rios Cristhian Camilo 2426 COL Rp:2492 Pts. 7,0
164Gonzalez Acosta Pablo16471745ESP4,0s 10,920,08100,80
241Guillermo Gonzalez Alvaro18811876ESP5,0w 10,920,08100,80
33GMStrikovic Aleksa25072532SRB6,0s 10,390,61106,10
47GMKurajica Bojan24982533BIH7,0w ½0,400,10101,00
52GMGleizerov Evgeny25170RUS6,5s ½0,380,12101,20
65GMPetkov Vladimir25062522FID6,5w 00,39-0,3910-3,90
722Van Den Bersselaar Jeroen21460NED5,0s 10,840,16101,60
817FMGarcia Blanco Omar22522257ESP6,0w 10,730,27102,70
98IMGascon Del Nogal Jose Rafael24962472VEN5,5s 10,400,60106,00